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How To Plan A Unicorn Themed Baby Shower

Unicorns are beloved mythical creatures which are famous for their beauty and their long horns. These beautiful animals often show up in fantasy films or other mythical artwork. Because of their magical qualities and their beauty, unicorn themes are often used by girls around the world for various types of parties, including baby showers. If you would like to have a unicorn themed baby shower, or if you are a planning a unicorn themed baby shower for a friend or relative, here is how to go about doing it.

1.Create Pretty Unicorn Invitations

You can do this by using pastel colors and by adding a unicorn to the invitation. Photoshop is perfect for this. If you need help with the graphic design element, you can get help at Staples, or recruit one of your graphic design capable friends to help you.

2.Have a Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

These delightful and colorful beverages are the perfect drink to match your unicorn theme. You create them by pouring champagne into a champagne glass and then adding a piece of cotton candy to the top of the glass. To optimize the unicorn theme, make sure the cotton candy is either pink or another bright pastel color.

3.Make unicorn cookies

A simple hack for making unicorn cookies is to take an ordinary circle shaped cookie, and then add two small triangle ears and a horn on the top of the circle. This will make the cookie look like a unicorn’s head. You can add eyes with frosting. Again, you should uses bright pastel colors, particularly for the horn.

4.Have a pastel rainbow colored photo back drop

This backdrop will help to reinforce the unicorn theme and it will also provide your guests with a perfect place to take selfies. If you are feeling ambitious and if you have artistic talent, you can also paint a unicorn on this backdrop. This will help to add to the effect. 


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