Baby showers can be a fun way for the mother to be to meet with all of her close female friends and family members, and to receive gifts which will be helpful for the raising of her new child. Here are some great etiquette tips to help you if you will soon be attending or hosting a baby shower.

Who should host the baby shower?

Baby showers are most commonly hosted by a close family member of the new mother to be. This is often a cousin, an aunt, a mother, or a grandmother. However, sometimes they are also hosted by friends. The event is very special for the woman who is having the baby, and the honor of hosting the event should be reserved for someone who is very close to her.

Should males be invited?

Oftentimes, the father to be or the father of the mother to be will attend the event. However, these events are often female-only aside from these men. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t invite men. If you feel that your male relatives and friends would be open to going to your baby shower, and if this is something that you want, then feel free to invite them.

Do games have to be played?

Games are played at many baby showers. Many people view this as a fun way to celebrate the event. However, other people view them as a bit much. Considering that the event is focused around the mother to be, it should be her choice as to whether or not she wants games played at the shower.

Does every guest have to buy a gift?

Children are not obligated to buy a gift. However, it is expected for adult attendees to purchase a gift for the mother to be. That is after all, the primary purpose of the baby shower.