Baby Shower Games

‚ÄčFun Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a very special occasion that have a lot of meaning for the mother-to-be, and for her close friends and family members. If you are hosting or attending a baby shower in the near future, here are some fun games that you can play at the event.

1.Baby Photo Game

The way that the baby photo game works is that you ask everyone who is attending the shower to bring a baby photo of themselves to the event. Then, you display the photos around the room that the shower is being held in. You number all of the photos and provide pens and paper to all of the guests. Then, you ask the guests to guess which baby photo is which person. The person with the most correct guesses wins! The host can give a small prize to the winner.

2.The famous mom guessing game

This is a fun game that is great ice breaker. To play, you create a bunch of name tags with the names of famous celebrity moms on them. Then, when guests arrive, you pin or tape a name tag with a celebrity mom name on their back. Then they walk around the party and guests give each other clues to help them guess the name of the celebrity mom that is on their back.

3.Baby name maker game

This is another fun game that guests at a baby shower will enjoy. To play this game, you give the guests pens and paper, and then you set a timer to five or ten minutes. The goal of the game is to create as many baby names as possible using only the letters in the parents-to-be’s names. So, for example, if that father-to-be’s name is Chad and if the mother-to-be’s name is Beverly, then Eve and Deb would be acceptable names. The person who creates the most names wins!